Product Overview

The CSS System provides simple, reliable and comprehensive stabilization solutions for spinal Fixation. These innovations enable surgeons to work efficiently with surety. The pedicle screws provide a full 42° multi-axial range of motion that, in conjunction with their uniquely tapered heads, are more accommodating to variables in patient anatomy/pathology. This simplify screw placement and reduces the need for rod bending

Product Specification

• Material: Ti-6Al-4V ELI (ASTM F 136-78)
• Having the low profile (Ø13mm x L 11mm) minimizes the post-surgical projection
• Available in Standard and Guided types to be selected to meet the surgeon’s preference
• Anodized with various colours for distinguishing the different size
• The application of the double tapered thread has improved the screw’s pull-out strength
• Self – tapered

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