Product Overview

To address the complications of a wide range of wrist fractures, fusions, and osteotomies, the Sorath Distal Radius Plating System offers four titanium plate families. These anatomically contoured plates with precise screw positioning are designed to create a strong and stable construct to help restore the natural anatomy of the wrist bones.

The Kopis Distal Radius plates

The plates of this system fall into three broad categories – Volar, Dorsal and Radial plates.

The volar plates are further categorized, based on their intended use for
  • Periarticular fractures
  • Fractures involving the volar rim of the distal radius.
  • Extra-articular fractures.
  • Distal radius fractures with shaft extension
The Radial styloid plate if indicated for management of radial styloid fractures.
The Dorsal plate is indicated for use with dorsal displaced periarticular fractures of the distal radius.

The surgeon is to be aware of the various soft tissue and neurovascular structures in theregion. It is advisable to plan ahead for a carefully selected surgical plan to carry out thesurgical procedure in as efficacious manner as feasible, with minimal soft issue injury. It is important to be gentle with soft tissue and avoid harsh retraction of these important structures

Twin Lock – Bone Compression Plate System for Distal Radius