A. Nail features

• Proximal Interlock options
• istal Interlock options
• End cap prevents in growth of tissue and facilitates nail extraction
• Cannulated nails 9 mm to 12 mm for reamed or unreamed techniques, enabling nail insertion over guide wire.
• Classic nail design for Fossa Piriformis entry technique for shaft femur fractures

B. Indication

This Classic Femoral Nail System is intended for treatment of fractures in adults and adolescents in whom the growth plates have fused. Indications are –
• Femoral shaft fractures
• Subtrochanteric fractures [Russel-Taylor Type IA]
• Impending pathologic fractures of shaft femur
• Malunions and non-union of femur fractures

C. Precautions

• Do not use this nail with systemic infection, infection localized to the site implantation or when the patient has allergy or sensitivity to any of the implant materials.
• Surgeon should consider patient bone quality to ensure stable fixation.
• Severe obesity or degenerative diseases should be considered.
• Compromised vascularity in the site of implantation may prevent adequate healing