A. Nail features

i) Insertion of nail through Greater Trochanter assisted by the 5° Valgus built into the nail

ii) Static or dynamic locking can be performed via the aiming arm in 180 mm & 240 mm length nail. The long nails additionally can secondary dynamization.

iii) Product range
• Short Nail - Available in length 180 mm & 240 mm in 9, 10, 11, 12 mm diameter applicable for Left or Right Proximal femur
• Long nail is anatomical, designed separately for Left femur and Right femur - Available in length 340 mm to 440 mm (in 20mm increments) in 9, 10, 11, 12 mm diameter with anterior bow curvature of 1500 mm.

iv) Proximally two options of cephalic bone purchase
• Helical Blade Self-locking device (Dia: 13-10 mm)
• Hip Screw (Dia: 10 mm) with set screw system
• Rotational and angular stability achieved with one single blade or screw.

v) Optional additional rotational stability of femur Head fragment with use of Anti-rotation Screw by Miss-The-Nail technique
• Unique device - Anti-rotation Jig uses Miss-The-Nail technique to site the additional Anti-Rotation screw into the neck & head
• Prevents rotation of head
• Size – Diameter: 4.0 mm, Length options: 65 to 115mm, in 5mm increments

vi) Slimmest Nail Ever – Pioneering the use of Reduced proximal diameter of the nail without any compromise of Stability, Safety and comfort of use
• 15 mm Proximal diameter
• Less reaming and bone loss in proximal femur
• Bone conserving capabilities
• It can be used in younger patients and patients with narrow femur canal

B. Indication

Hyper Proximal Femoral Interlocking Nail short (Length 180 mm – 240 mm)
• Pertrochanteric fractures (31-A1 and 31-A2)
• Intertrochanteric fractures (31-A3)
• High subtrochanteric fractures (32-A1)
• Isolated or combined medial femoral neck fractures
• Low subtrochanteric fractures
• Unstable comminuted Intertrochanteric or subtrochanteric fractures with distal extension into the shaft of femur
• Femoral shaft fractures


Hyper Proximal Femoral Interlocking Nail - Long (Length 340 mm – 440 mm) In addition to the indications for the Short Nail system,
• Low and extended subtrochanteric fractures
• Ipsilateral trochanteric fractures with shaft femur fractures
• Pathological fractures of the proximal femur
• solated or combined medial femoral neck fractures
• Isolated or combined distal femur fractures with extension into femoral condyles

C. Precautions

• Do not use this nail with systemic infection, infection localized to the site implantation or when the patient has allergy or sensitivity to any of the implant materials.
• Surgeon should consider patient bone quality to ensure stable fixation.
• Severe obesity or degenerative diseases should be considered.
• Compromised vascularity in the site of implantation may prevent

D. Safety & Electromagnetic Compatibility

Please read the instructions concerning the above mentioned Trauma Implants made by SORATH Surgicals. This document contains safety instructions and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) information for the implants.