Product Overview

The Sorath Large Fragment Set 4.5 has been designed as a compact set. It contains all anatomical plates 4.5 and, as an optional module, instruments for minimal invasive application of the Distal Femur Plate 4.5.

A choice of Sorath Straight Plates – broad and narrow – is completed by SORATH Proximal Lateral Tibia Plates 4.5 and SORATH Distal Femur Plates 4.5. The Gliding-locking holes in the Straight Plates as well as shaft holes of the anatomical plates enable fracture compression and angular-stable locking in one surgical step.


The SORATH Large Fragment Set 4.5 incorporates both locking and non-locking screws and combines the advantages of an angular-stable internal fixator with effective fracture compression. Smart instruments for locking compression, color-coded screws and instruments, self-holding screwdrivers and a minimally invasive aiming device are designed to improve the efficiency in the operation room.

Field of Use:

The SORATH Large Fragment Set 4.5 addresses fractures at the proximal lateral tibia and at the distal femur as well as tibial, humeral and femoral shaft fractures. Detailed information on the indications for individual plates can be found in the IFU and in the surgical technique.


The SORATH Large Fragment Set 4.5 contains, as an optional component, instruments for minimally invasive applications of the Distal Femur Plate 4.5. All plates have locking capability as well as the standard screw option. The Straight Plates can be used with the SORATH locking compression technology and allow for a fracture gap compression up to 2.0 mm. Implants and instruments are supplied non-sterile and sterile.

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