Product Overview

The Sorath Clavicle Plating System provides surgeons with the ability to address acute fractures, malunions, and non-unions of the clavicle with different clavicle-specific plating options. The Clavicle Plating System offers low and narrow-profile plate solutions that are pre-contoured to match the natural shape of the clavicle.
The Sorath Clavicle Plating System and the Sorath Clavicle Screw System provide comprehensive solutions to treat a wide variety of clavicle fracture patterns.


  • Comprehensive Pre-contoured Plating Options -Different unique plates—including anterior, superior midshaft, and superior distal options—accommodate varying patient anatomy and fracture patterns.
  • Plate Design - The clavicle plates include a limited-contact design under surface, tapered ends, and narrow/low profile options, and are made of high-grade titanium and titanium alloy.
  • Cancellous and Cortical Screws – Clavicle plates System offerCancellous and Cortical Screws for cases where bone stock is compromised. The screw configuration is designed for the maximum amount of bone purchase and pull-out resistance.
  • One solution for two indications—Lateral clavicle fractures& Acromioclavicular joint injuries and dislocation.

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